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The fishery in the great north is a resource that requires care. The winters are long and the summers are short. It takes 15 to 20 years for a smallmouth bass to reach 5 pounds and just as long for a northern or lake trout to reach Trophy size. CATCH AND RELEASE IS MANDATORY ON SMALLMOUTH AND LARGEMOUTH BASS. It is strongly suggested that all large fish be released. Dave will take Polaroid pictures and measure your catch so that you may have a replica made of your trophy. Remember that if you keep the fish your son or daughter or grandchildren will not be able to catch " THE BIG ONE LIKE IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS" Slot size limits are enforced on all lakes.

A trip to Rainy Lake is worth the time and money. Once you are in Dave's boat it is about a 45 minute ride to Rainy Lake. You will make a quick stop at Canadian Customs on Sand Point lake to check into Canada and pick up some bait. Then you will head up Sand Point and go through the Namakan Narrows into the main part of Namakan Lake. You will cross to the northshore and run along until you arrive at the portage at Kettle Falls. At Kettle Falls you may visit the dam or the historic hotel which was built for the loggers a number of years ago. The bar floor is tilted due to frost heaving. The boat and guests will be placed on a trailer and portaged over to Rainy Lake where the fishing fun will start. After a day of fishing you will return to Crane Lake and check in at U.S. Customs.

Dave will pick you up and off you go to check in at Canadian Customs. You are in for a treat as you blast up the snake like Loon River to the first portage which connects you to Loon Lake. After a short walk, as your boat is portaged, you jump back into the boat for a five minute ride to the second portage which gets you into Lac La Croix. Be sure to say "HI" to BIG JIM, he is a legend in his own time. You are now in Lac La Croix. If you have time visit Painted Rock and Warrior Hill. After a day of fishing you head back to Crane Lake and U.S. Custom to check into the U.S.A.

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